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What is TIMBERWeb?

TIMBERWeb is place to find, trade and network with companies involved within the timber, lumber, wood & forest products industry.

Members can use various methods of finding new clients, suppliers and customers. The main methods are through the Marketplace, Directories, and TWMail.
Introduction - continued

Who is it for?

timber pack TIMBERWeb aims to cover all aspects from the timber and lumber industry. This means that not only is it useful for companies that buy or sell timber as part of their business, but it's also useful for companies that provide services to the industry such as machinery supply, logistics, financial services etc.

We pride ourselves on being a marketplace only for the timber industry and related services and as such we don't allow any non-timber related companies to join and trade on TIMBERWeb. ship This means you will only be contacted regarding timber / lumber / related services.

We offer different types of membership, offering functionality suitable to that type. 'Trading' memberships are suitable for companies that are involved in the buying & selling of timber & lumber. 'Services' memberships are for companies that offer a service to the industry, such as machinery manufacturers etc. machinery Freight, forwarding & logistics companies can take a 'Logistics' membership. Finally, 'Associate' memberships are for companies that offer peripheral services such as associations, guilds, trade magazines etc.
Member Page

Company Information

Member Page Small Every member has a 'Member Page'. This is the key place where other members will come to find out information about your company. In general, whenever a company name is displayed on the website it is linked to their member page, so by clicking on the company name you can find out more information about them.

The member page will hold more information depending on the membership level that member has, but in general it will display information about the main contact person, the company's buying / selling profile, the last 5 postings to the marketplace, and the company contact information.

The information on the 'Member Page' is created from the user's profile they fill in. This makes the profile very important as it is used for many elements of the website, such as the 'Member Page'. We will see later on that it's also used for elements of the Marketplace as well.
Member Page - continued

Using the Member Page

The 'Member Page' is broken down into 4 elements. The first part is the general company information. This is shown at the top and includes the contact person, company logo, business description, links* to website, map, stocklist, requirements list etc.

Member Page Top
The second part is the trading profile. This includes the buying / selling locations, buying / selling products and buying / selling species. This part if very important as other members will use this to help identify whether they are likely to be able to trade with this company.

Member Page Trade Profile
The next part is the last 5 marketplace postings. If a member's trading profile is of interest it is likely that their postings will also be of interest. It is always important for members to regularly use the marketplace as not only are their postings shown on the marketplace page but also on their 'Member Page' where other members can view and reply** to them.

Member Page Postings
Finally there are the contact details. Telephone number, fax number, mobile number and address are displayed if the company has supplied them and paying members can see all of these details. Registered members can only see the company address. Email addresses are not displayed to help protect members from having their email address added to spam lists and other undesirable lists.

Member Page Contacts

* Depending on membership type and level.
**Paying members only.

Finding Other Members

Our directories are divided into 2 types. The first is the 'Members' directory. This shows all other members of TIMBERWeb and will contain in many cases a detailed view of their buying / selling profile, contact details, postings they've made to the marketplace, as well as a description of the business.

The second directory is the 'Global' directory. This contains all of the members as well as the companies that have agreed to have their details on TIMBERWeb but are not members.

Timber Directories
From the Directories tab you can also use many of the search facilities such as 'Country Search' below. Country Search
When you click on a country a list of the members based in that country is displayed. The list is displayed by membership level and then alphabetically. This is true of other search facilities as well.

Member List
Making Contact

How to Communicate with other Members

TWMail Trading Message There are several ways to contact other members. As a paying member the first method would be to use the contact details displayed on a company's member page. Alternatively, you can use TIMBERWeb's internal mail system called TWMail. An alert message is sent to their email address* telling them they have received a new TWMail.

TWMail is often used for general enquiries and establishing first contact. For more specific business offers or enquiries The Marketplace is best. The Marketplace search facility allows members to find postings (buy or sell) to meet their specific needs. Paying members can view and reply to the postings as well as post their own messages.

At Standard Plus and above members can access TWMailshot. This allows members to send out TWMails in bulk based on a country and business category, for example Sawmills in Russia.

*Providing they have subscribed to website alerts.
The Marketplace

Using the Marketplace

TIMBERWeb Marketplace The main part of TIMBERWeb is our Marketplace. Members can use it to post messages about what they want to buy or sell. Members can reply to messages as well as make offers.

Services, Logistics and Associate members can post 'Info' messages describing their services or other items of interest. This is also suitable for members selling used machinery or other timber / lumber / forestry equipment.
The 'search tools' enable members to search the marketplace for postings that they may find of interest. You can do a basic search based simply on whether it's a BUY or SELL posting with a keyword or 2. Alternatively, you can be more specific by using the 'Advanced Option' button. This enables you to search by 'Origin', 'Species Group', 'Species' and 'Product Group' for a more refined search.

Marketplace Search Basic Marketplace Search Advanced

Become part of the Community!

Finding new clients & customers couldn't be easier. Our Marketplace makes the perfect platform for letting the timber & lumber industry know about what you wish to trade. For full prices on our membership levels click JOIN. From here you can select your country and the type of membership you wish to have ('Trading', 'Services', 'Logistics' or 'Associate') and view the prices for the different levels.

Alternatively, if your unsure as to which level you wish to have or simply want to know a little more about what is included with each membership you can view our Membership Types

If you'd rather not join or are unsure at this stage you can register your details with us, which will be displayed in our Members Directory. Fill out our Registration form

If you have any questions or specific requirements please email us on operations@timberweb.com
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