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Contact Information :  Simon Das
West Bengal
Job Preferences : 
Job Category:Any
Already Employed:Yes
Willing to relocate?:Yes
Education/Experience :  Done M.Sc. in Wood Science & Technology from Forest Research Institute (F.R.I), Dehradun, India. Have 6 months working experience in Leo Arts India, it is a solid wood industry and an export house.
Resumé / CV :  Respected Sir/Mam I am Simon Das, I have done my M.Sc. in wood Science & Technology from Forest Research Institute (F.R.I.), Dehradun, India. I have completed my M.Sc. degree in June, 2016. In my M.Sc. degree I have learnt all the aspects of wood and wood based industry starting from solid wood industry, plywood industry and all type of composite wood industry. Subject studied with practical in M.Sc. degree are Systematic botany, Wood anatomy , Wood physics, Wood chemistry, Wood seasoning, Wood preservation, Saw milling & Doctoring, Wood working, Wood finishing, Timber grading, Timber mechanics, Composite wood ( Different grades of Ply wood, Compreg wood, Impreg wood, Block board, flush door, MDF, Fiber board, Particle board, Oriented strand board etc.) Wood adhesive (PF, UF, Melamine, Resorcinol, black liquor based resin, PR, UR etc.), Reconstituted wood, Laminated wood, Timber Entomology, Wood microbiology, Timber engineering, Product designing and fabrication, Nano technology, Forest certification, Climate change, Statistics, Human resource & management, computer application. Experience Currently I am working in Leo Arts India, Saharanpur (A Government Recognize Export House) as a quality manager and head of the season plant. Including that I have handled production as well in this factory. I have been working here for last six months. It is a solid wood industry, Wooden products like furniture, photo frames, mirror, boxes, wall panels, selves, carriage and many other novelty items are made here. This company export goods to the countries like U.S.A, A.U.S, U.K., and Canada etc. Even they have domestic buyer. It works with buyers like T.J.X. group, William E Corner group, ROSS etc. Area of Interest I am interested to work in Quality, production, R&D and management sections. I am interested to work in foreign countries, like to face new challenges in different type of culture, want to see different products and technologies of different countries, like to combine ideas and technologies to generate new products, want to make the factory as one of the best brand of the world. Declaration I will give my full commitment to the factory to excel it. I am interested to join this company for better future. Please go through my CV attached below. Thank You Simon Das (M.Sc. Wood Science & Technology from F.RI. Dehradun)
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