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332 Members

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Company Name Town
Member  A.J.Gronn
Elverum, Norway
Member  Aagaard Snekkerverksted As
Stange, Hedmark, Norway
Member  Aanesland Fabrikker A/S
Birkeland, Aust Agder, Norway
Member  Aann Industri As
Langevag, More Og Romsdal, Norway
Member  Aasan Snekkerverksted
Finsland, Vest-Agder, Norway
Member  Al Trelast A/S
Ål i Hallingdal, Buskerud, Norway
Member  Alfa Tre As
Larvik, Vestfold, Norway
Member  Amroworld
Moelv, Hedmark, Norway
Member  Anders Aasen &Co A/S
Trysil, Norway
Member  Anthon B Nilsen Scandinavia AS
TOFTE, Norway
Member  Anthony Reed Consultant
Risor, Aust Agder, Norway
Member  Arbor Hattfjelldal As
Hattfjelldal, Nordland, Norway
Member  Argos Control As
Kongsberg, Norway
Member  Argos Solutions AS
Kongsberg, Norway
Member  Atf Shipping AS
Oslo, Norway
Member  August AS
Drangedal, Norway
Member  AWEX Oslo
Oslo, Norway
Member  B E E Snekkerverksted Sture Ottesen
Degernes, Ostfold, Norway
Member  Bache M Bel As
Amot, Buskerud, Norway
Member  Bauge Trevare As
Floro, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway
Member  Begna Bruk A/S
Begna, Norway
Member  Bekken Snekkerverksted Ans
Otta, Oppland, Norway
Member  Bendiksen Timber
Tonsberg, Norway
Member  Bergene Holm AS
Brandval, Norway
Member  BerryAlloc
Lyngdal, Norway
Member  Bico Bygg Og Innredning As
Kristiansand S, Vest Agder, Norway
Member  Bodrene Olsen Trevarefabrikkias
Stubberod Larvik, Vestfold, Norway
Member  Breivik
Son, Akershus, Norway
Member  Breivik Trevare A/S
Alesund, More Og Romsdal, Norway
Member  Bure gård
Buskerud, Norway
Member  BYGGMO AS /Bygg Soer
Kristiansand S, Vest Agder, Norway
Member  Byggole. AS
Ski / Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Member  Byggprodukt As
Skien, Telemark, Norway
Member  Byglandsfjord Sag Ans
Byglandsfjord, Aust Agder, Norway
Member  Cde Rådgivning Og Invest As
Slattum, Norway
Member  Cylindra A/S
Ikornnes, More Og Romsdal, Norway
Member  Djupvik Dreieverksted As
Gurskoy, More Og Romsdal, Norway
Member  Donatas Byggservice
Oppdal, Sør Trondelag, Norway
Member  Drammen Modellverksted As
Tranby, Buskerud, Norway
Member  Drammen Trelast Dorfabrikk Melgaard
Drammen, Buskerud, Norway
Member  Drange Bruk As
Lysekloster, Hordaland, Norway
Member  Eco-Timber AS
Oslo, Norway, Norway
Member  Edels Tregulv As
Fredrikstad, Ostfold, Norway
Member  Edsbergs Rammer
Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Member  Eidsvold Aud
Eidsbygda, More og romsdal, Norway
Member  Elgesem Trevare As
Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway
Member  Engesetdal AS
Skodje, Skodje, Norway
Member  Ernex AS
Tistedal, Norway
Member  EUTAS AS
Brumunddal, Norway
Member  Fjellbekkmoen Sagbruk Ove Karlsen
Trofors, Nordland, Norway
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Norway is a major source of timber, lumber, and forest products. Norway logs, Norway panels, Norway boards, Norway timber and Norway wood doors and Norway timber windows, Norway furniture, Norway timber decking, Norway plywood, Norway sawn timber, Norway planed wood and timber, Norway machinery, Norway laminated wood, Norway flooring, Norway packing and pallet wood, Norway timber veneers, Norway timber hardwood veneers can all be purchased from Norway timber and lumber sawmills, Norway timber planing mills and Norway timber, lumber and timber products exporters and Norway timber agents. Investment in Norway forests and Norway woodlands has been significant. Norway construction wood and timber is a major part of the timber and lumber export from Norway . Timber importers and merchants should look to Norway for a wide supply opportunity.

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