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184 Members

 You are viewing members from Slovakia. To view the members details click on their link below.
Company Name Town
Member  Normit s.r.o.
Bratislava, BA, Slovakia
Member  Optimo
Kosice, Slovakia
Member  Pemi Corporation Ltd
Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia
Member  Pinocchio spol. s r.o. ( Ges.m.b.h. )
Bratislava, Slovakia
Member  PIP-TOP,S.R.O
Sobrance, Sobrance, Slovakia
Member  Pk Broker Holding AG
Ruzomberok, Slovakia
Member  Poliacik-Hardwood
Bosany, Slovakia
Member  Port Service Bratislava, GmbH
Bratislava, Slovakia
Member  Pristas Stefan
Presov, Slovakia
Member  Pro Wood, a.s.
Bratislava, Slovakia
Member  Radovan
Rimavske Zaluzany, Slovakia
Member  Rastislav Baroò
Bratislava, Slovakia
Member  Real Kontakt
Bernolakovo, Slovakia
Member  Rentamobil.com
Velký Kýr, Slovakia, Slovakia
Member  Rolam Trading sro
Nitra, Slovakia
Member  ROS Ltd.
Potor, Velkì Krt¡s, Slovakia
Member  Rubickon Slowakia s.r.o.
Pukanec, Slovakia
Member  Saef GmbH
Bratislava, Slovakia
Member  Seso Ltd.
Vranov n.T., Slovakia
Member  SH sro
Bratislava, Slovakia
Strecno, Slovakia
Member  Simkom Einzelfirma
Komarno, Slovakia
Member  Sinepod, spol. s.r.o
Member  Sinox S.r.o.
NovP Mesto Nad Vehom, Slovakia
Member  Sinpo spol. s r.o.
Strsl., Slovakia
Member  Slovak Electronic WoodExchange
Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia
Member  Smrečina Hofatex, a.s.
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Member  Stavba
Nitra, Slovakia
Member  StrojCAD
Michalovce, Slovakia
Member  swedwood
Malacky, Slovakia
Member  Swedwood Malacky 2
Malacky, Slovakia
Member  Swoop
Sala, Sala, Slovakia
Member  Tatrawood Trading, s.r.o.
058 01 Poprad, Slovakia
Member  TDF Turzovska Drevarska Fabrika s.r.o.
Turzovka, Slovakia
Member  Techno-Agro S.R.O. GmbH
Nitra, Slovakia
Member  Timbex GmbH
Bratislava, Slovakia
Member  Tomas Javorik Timber & Lumber Export
Kysucke Nove Mesto, Slovakia
Member  Topforest, s.r.o.
Humenné, Slovakia
Member  Träxler Consult Einzelunternehmen
Jahodna, Slovakia
Member  Udava
Udavské, Slovakia
Michalovce, Slovakia, Slovakia
Member  VELMA ZH s.r.o.
Žiar nad Hronom, Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia
Member  VELMA ZH s.r.o.
Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia
Member  Vindt
Prakovce, Slovakia
Member  VIS Export-Import s.r.o.
Zvolen, Slovakia
Member  Vital A. S.
Zilina, Slovakia
Member  Vychodné-Zapadné Rozmery s.r.o.
Humenné, Slovakia
Member  WiLBEX,s.r.o
Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia
Member  WOOD TRADE COMPANY, s.r.o.
Limbach, Slovakia
Member  WOODEX Company Ltd.
Bardejov, Slovakia
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Slovakia is a source of timber, lumber, and forest products. Slovakia logs, Slovakia panels, Slovakia boards, Slovakia timber and Slovakia wood doors and Slovakia timber windows, Slovakia furniture, Slovakia timber decking, Slovakia plywood, Slovakia sawn timber, Slovakia planed wood and timber, Slovakia machinery, Slovakia laminated wood, Slovakia flooring, Slovakia packing and pallet wood, Slovakia timber veneers, Slovakia timber hardwood veneers can all be purchased from Slovakia timber and lumber sawmills, Slovakia timber planing mills and Slovakia timber, lumber and timber products exporters and Slovakia timber agents. Investment in Slovakia forests and Slovakia woodlands has been significant. Slovakia construction wood and timber is a major part of the timber and lumber export from Slovakia. Timber importers and merchants should look to Slovakia for a wide supply opportunity.

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