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1257 Members

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Company Name Town
Standard Plus Trading Member  Vantino SARL (Switzerland)
Genève 2, Switzerland
Member  2OS Inc.
Genève, Switzerland
Member  4B Bachmann AG
Hochdorf, Switzerland
Member  A & E Wenger Ag
Blumenstein, Bern, Switzerland
Member  A Stebler Ag
Egnach, Thurgau, Switzerland
Member  A. Moergeli Unternehmensberatung
Rickenbach, Switzerland
Member  A. Steiner + Cie AG
Ettiswil, Switzerland
Member  A. Stucki
Member  A.Dare+Co
Littau, Switzerland
Member  AAK Holzmanufaktur AG
Ulisbach-Togg., Switzerland
Hessigkofen, Switzerland
Member  Abächerli, Forstunternehmen
Kleinteil OW, Switzerland
Member  Abercorn Timber Trading
Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Member  Abt Holzbau
Baar, Switzerland
Member  ABU Bernet Ag
Uznach, Saint Gallen, Switzerland
Member  Ackermann AG, Forstunternehmung
Winterthur ZH, Switzerland
Member  Ad.Bachmann AG
Tägerschen TG, Switzerland
Member  Adectro S.A.
Develier, Jura, Switzerland
Member  Adolf Von Euw
Rothernturm SZ, Switzerland
Member  Aebi Heinz
Kyburg-Buchegg, Switzerland
Member  Aebi-Kaderli Baumschulen Und Garten-Center Ag
Düdingen, Fribourg, Switzerland
Member  Aerni Fenster Ag
Arisdorf, Basel Land, Switzerland
Member  Aeschbacher Stefan, Forstunternehmung
Grossaffoltern BE, Switzerland
Member  Aeschlimann Forstunternehmung
Schüpfheim, Switzerland
Member  Affolter Holzbau
Nennigkofen, Switzerland
Member  AFS AG Furniere +Kanten
Rupperswil, Switzerland
Member  AG für Holzindustrie Gümligen
Gümlingen, Switzerland
Member  Agorà Consulting Savolainen
Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
Member  AGRIBOIS Sàrl, Entreprise forestière
Les Friques, Switzerland
Member  Ahrenkiel Consulting Services
Bern, Switzerland
Member  Alaska Blockhaus GmbH
Reitnau, Switzerland
Member  Albert Marty Ag
Richterswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Member  Albert Moser
Rebstein, Saint Gallen, Switzerland
Member  Alcopor Management AG
Member  Alcowood AG
Zug, Switzerland
Member  aldo.a.bertozzi
Zuerich, Switzerland
Member  Alfa Klebstoffe AG
Rafz, Switzerland
Member  Alfred von Känel
Mülenen, Switzerland
Member  Alig & Co
Vrin, Switzerland
Member  Allenbach Holz- + Trockenbau AG
Frutigen, Switzerland
Member  Alpiger + Götte GmbH
Sennwald, Switzerland
Member  Alpin Massivholz AG
Würenlos, Switzerland
Member  Alporit Ag
Boswil, Argovie, Switzerland
Member  Alser Ag
Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland
Member  Alte Moebel Markt
Bütschwil, Switzerland
Member  Amacher Holz AG
Hofstetten bei Brienz  , Switzerland
Member  Ambassade du Canada Suisse
Berne 6, Switzerland
Member  Ammann AG
Wängi, Switzerland
Member  Ammann Albert, Forstarbeiten
Häggenschwil SG, Switzerland
Member  Amstutz Gebr. Holzbau AG
Stans, Switzerland
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Switzerland is a source of timber, lumber, and forest products. Switzerland logs, Switzerland panels, Switzerland boards, Switzerland timber and Switzerland wood doors and Switzerland timber windows, Switzerland furniture, Switzerland timber decking, Switzerland plywood, Switzerland sawn timber, Switzerland planed wood and timber, Switzerland machinery, Switzerland laminated wood, Switzerland flooring, Switzerland packing and pallet wood, Switzerland timber veneers, Switzerland timber hardwood veneers can all be purchased from Switzerland timber and lumber sawmills, Switzerland timber planing mills and Switzerland timber, lumber and timber products exporters and Switzerland timber agents. Investment in Switzerland forests and Switzerland woodlands has been significant. Switzerland construction wood and timber is a major part of the timber and lumber export from Switzerland. Timber importers and merchants should look to Switzerland for a wide supply opportunity.

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