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1257 Members

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Company Name Town
Member  Amt für Wald HPD
Schiers, Switzerland
Member  Amt für Wald Kanton Bern
Bern, Switzerland
Member  Andermatt Xaver
Baar, Switzerland
Member  Andreas Jordi
Schwadernau, Switzerland
Member  Anliker AG
Ittingen, Switzerland
Member  AR Bau- Und Möbelschreinerei GmbH
Reinach, Basel Land, Switzerland
Member  arb Arbeitsgruppe
Berne, Switzerland
Member  Arox Ag
Sulz, Lucerne, Switzerland
Member  Atisholz AG
Luterbach, Switzerland
Member  Atlas Holz AG
Truebbach, SG, Switzerland
Member  Audeoud Marc, Entreprise forestière
Romanel sur Lausanne VD, Switzerland
Member  August Brühwiler Ag
Balterswil, Switzerland
Member  B Rom Bel Buchmatt Helga Fankhauser
Burgdorf, Bern, Switzerland
Member  Bachmann Holz AG
Rain , Switzerland
Member  Baertschi Erwin
Adelboden, Bern, Switzerland
Member  Balteschwiler
Laufenburg, Switzerland
Member  Balz Maschinen AG
Langnau i.E., Switzerland
Member  BambooTec
Tuggen, SZ, Switzerland
Member  Banderet AG
Arbon, Switzerland
Member  Bänninger Sägerei
Gossau, Switzerland
Member  Bärtschi + Cie Bau AG
Frutigen, Switzerland
Member  Bärtschi Fenster AG
Heimberg, Switzerland
Member  Base Metal Trading SA
Fribourg, Switzerland
Member  Basler & Hofmann
Zürich, Switzerland
Member  Beaud Maurice Fils Constructions SA
Albeuve, Switzerland
Member  Beerli Holzwaren AG
Hörhausen , Switzerland
Member  Belcolor AG Flooring
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Member  Belser
Egerkingen, Switzerland
Member  BEMAG
Flumserberg SG, Switzerland
Member  Berchtold Holz AG
Bubendorf, Switzerland
Member  Bern University of Applied Sciences, Architecture, Wood & Civil Engineering
Biel, Switzerland
Member  Bernhof
Member  Betten Minder AG
Bassersdorf, Switzerland
Member  bic-holz ag
Steinhausen, Switzerland
Member  Biene Ag Winikon
Winikon, Lucerne, Switzerland
Member  Biene Fenster
Winikon, Switzerland
Member  Biholz
Rütihof, Switzerland
Member  Bildhauer Gisler Hans
Altdorf, Switzerland
Member  Bira Ag
Buesserach, Solothurn, Switzerland
Member  Birrer Holz AG
Hergiswil bei Willisau , Switzerland
Member  Blankenbyl For Living GmbH
Pfäffikon, Zurich, Switzerland
Member  Blumer Technofenster AG
Herisau, Switzerland
Member  Blumer-Lehmann AG
Gossau, Switzerland
Member  Bm Baumontagen
Tägerwilen, Switzerland
Member  Boesiger Langenthal Moebelgeschaeft
Langenthal, Bern, Switzerland
Member  Bollinger Furniere AG
Nürensdorf, Switzerland
Member  Borkächäfer Meckmeck
Saas, Switzerland
Member  Borm-Informatik AG
Steinen, Switzerland
Member  Borner-Holz
Andwil TG, Thurgau, Switzerland
Member  Bosch Maschinenbau
Zuzwil, Switzerland
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Switzerland is a source of timber, lumber, and forest products. Switzerland logs, Switzerland panels, Switzerland boards, Switzerland timber and Switzerland wood doors and Switzerland timber windows, Switzerland furniture, Switzerland timber decking, Switzerland plywood, Switzerland sawn timber, Switzerland planed wood and timber, Switzerland machinery, Switzerland laminated wood, Switzerland flooring, Switzerland packing and pallet wood, Switzerland timber veneers, Switzerland timber hardwood veneers can all be purchased from Switzerland timber and lumber sawmills, Switzerland timber planing mills and Switzerland timber, lumber and timber products exporters and Switzerland timber agents. Investment in Switzerland forests and Switzerland woodlands has been significant. Switzerland construction wood and timber is a major part of the timber and lumber export from Switzerland. Timber importers and merchants should look to Switzerland for a wide supply opportunity.

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