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134 Members

 You are viewing members from Hungary. To view the members details click on their link below.
Company Name Town
Member  Grand-Ács Kft.
Solymar, Pest, Hungary
Member  GRANUFLEX Kft/
Budapest, Buda, Hungary
Member  Greenway Hungary Ltd.
Szeged, Hungary
Member  Gyorffy Press Bt. -
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Gyulafa Ker. Kft.
Gyula, Hungary
Member  Gyurácz-Fa kft
Tarnaszentmária, Hungary
Member  Halley2000Kft
Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Member  Holz Ex- und Import Bt
Pölöske, Hungary
Member  Holz Impex Hungary Kft
Székesfehérvár, Hungary, Hungary
Member  Hory és Társai Kft
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Hungarotimber kft
Nagykanisza, Hungary, Hungary
Member  Hydea kft
budapest, Hungary
Member  IH TIMBER Kft.
Szokolya, Pest Megye, Hungary
Member  IngatlanLabor Kft
Budapest, Magyarorszag, Hungary
Member  International Holz GmbH
Nemeskocs, Hungary
Member  InterTimber Industries, Inc.
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Ipax Ltd.
Budapest, Hungary
Member  ITDH
Budapest, Hungary
Debrecen, Hungary
Member  KALAUZ TRANS LTD. Dept. of Trading & Commerce
Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar county, Hungary
Member  Kardex Kft
Szombathely, Vas, Hungary
Member  Keytec Sárbogárd Kft.
Sárbogárd, Fejér, Hungary
Member  Korinvest Kft
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Luxford
Pecs, Hungary
Member  Magyarplan Faipari S Szolg Ltat Korl Tolt Feleloss Gu T Rsas G
Barcs, Hungary
Member  Megacorpus Kft
Makó, Hungary, Hungary
Member  MGF Staves Kft
Sarospatak, Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen, Hungary
Member  Mil Service
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Mil-Eclson projects Ltd
T, Pest, Hungary
Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Member  Musztang Center Kft. -
Gara, Hungary
Member  Natrix Bt.
Nyíregyháza, Hungary
Member  Nordic Wood
Szeged, Hungary
Member  north forest
kecskemet, Hungary
Member  Nyirerdo Corporation
Nyíregyháza, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Ber, Hungary
Member  Nyirerdö Nyirsegi Forestry and Wood Inc.
Nyíregyháza, Hungary
Member  Pato Impex
Member  Pato Impex Bt.
H-Janoshalma, Hungary
Member  Pintér-Trans Bt.
Szentgotthárd, Hungary
Member  PO-FA-FÉM GmbH.
Mecsekpölöske, Hungary
Member  Pointer Data Systems
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Pointernet-DB Kft
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Privatunternehmen
Csakanydoroszlo, Hungary
Member  Projekt-Centrum GmbH
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Readyman
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Remark Studio
Komlo, Hungary
Member  Rencz-Holz Kft.
Visegrád, Hungary
Member  Rent Net Ltd
Budapest, Hungary
Member  Rittlinger Róbert
Somberek, Hungary
Member  Robinienhandel
Kaposvar, Hungary
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Hungary is a source of timber, lumber, and forest products. Hungary logs, Hungary panels, Hungary boards, Hungary timber and Hungary wood doors and Hungary timber windows, Hungary furniture, Hungary timber decking, Hungary plywood, Hungary sawn timber, Hungary planed wood and timber, Hungary machinery, Hungary laminated wood, Hungary flooring, Hungary packing and pallet wood, Hungary timber veneers, Hungary timber hardwood veneers can all be purchased from Hungary timber and lumber sawmills, Hungary timber planing mills and Hungary timber, lumber and timber products exporters and Hungary timber agents. Investment in Hungary forests and Hungary woodlands has been significant. Hungary construction wood and timber is a major part of the timber and lumber export from Hungary. Timber importers and merchants should look to Hungary for a wide supply opportunity.

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