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March 2020 Headlines

United Kingdom UK - Budget Bonanza - or spending like a Drunken Sailor !
The Adam Smith institute's Matthew Lesh says "in the longer- ...

11 Mar 2020
United Kingdom UK - Chatham House launches new Forest Goverance and Legality website
Chatham House announces the launch of the new
03 Mar 2020
December 2019 Headlines

Global Global - Global trade of softwood lumber slows in the 3Q/19 but was still on pace to be higher than in 2018.
Global trade of softwood lumber slowed in the 3Q/19 but was ...

20 Dec 2019
November 2019 Headlines

China China - Furniture China 2019 Shows a Notable Growth in Its 25th Anniversary
The 25th edition of China International Furniture Expo (also ...
12 Nov 2019
China China - Furniture China 2019 Shows a Notable Growth in Its 25th Anniversary
The 25th edition of China International Furniture Expo (also ...
12 Nov 2019
June 2019 Headlines

China China - US - China’s imports of US forest products fell by 430 million dollars in the first four months of 2019.
China’s importsof US forest products fell by 430 million dol ...

29 Jun 2019
May 2019 Headlines

China China - Explore Furniture High-end Manufacturing at FMC China 2019
Taking place under same roof with Furniture China at SNIEC, ...
22 May 2019
March 2019 Headlines

Republic of Ireland Ireland - Södra officially launches Irish entity, Södra Wood (Ireland) Ltd
Södra has officially launched Södra Wood (Ireland) Ltd, demo ...
05 Mar 2019
January 2019 Headlines

United Kingdom Scotland - Tree bark biochar: a green bullet for Scotland’s carbon store
Thousands of trees planted near Loch Ness could help grow a ...

14 Jan 2019
December 2018 Headlines

China China - UBM and TIMBERWeb partner for the 11th Year to Promote FMC China 2019
FMC Provides a Large Variety of Furniture Raw Materia ...
29 Dec 2018
China China - Chinese imports of hardwood chips reach a record high.
Chinese imports of hardwood chips reach ed a record hi ...
19 Dec 2018
November 2018 Headlines

USA US - North America & Canada - Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update
A news brief from Wood Resources International LLC ( www.Woo ...

27 Nov 2018
United Kingdom UK - Forestry investment remains a top performer
The UK Forest Market Report 2018, launched today in London, ...
27 Nov 2018
October 2018 Headlines

United Kingdom UK - Forestry Commission to celebrate 100 years of forestry in 2019
The Forestry Commission celebrates 100 years of forestry i ...

15 Oct 2018
China China - FMC 2018 records nearly 24% increase in International visitors.
The post show report from FMC 2018 has reported a 23.87% inc ...
13 Oct 2018
Russia Russia - China - Investments in the forest industry in Eastern Russia, driven by forest products demand in China, ha ve resulted in higher timber harvests in the past few years
Wood Resources International reports Russia’s total harve ...
13 Oct 2018
Russia Russia - 25 years of SibWoodExpo in 2018
SibWoodExpo was held at the SibExpo Centre in Irkutsk city f ...
11 Oct 2018
September 2018 Headlines

United Kingdom UK - New ‘Commercial Department’ will support DHF’s continuing growth
DHF (Door & Hardware Federation) has announced the creation ...
24 Sep 2018
United Kingdom UK - New partnership launched to help meet skills gap in forestry
A LEADING agriculture college has joined forces with the UK’ ...
21 Sep 2018
United Kingdom UK - Sterling moves lower as no deal Brexit looms say Excel Currencies
Overnight ECB chief economist Praet talked about the increa ...
21 Sep 2018
United Kingdom Scotland - Tilhill Forestry builds up the team in Aberdeenshire
Tilhill Forestry is delighted to announce that Calum Murray ...
05 Sep 2018
August 2018 Headlines

United Kingdom UK - Construction work is on the up but still underperforming
The value of new construction contracts in Ju ly reached ...

28 Aug 2018
USA USA - A surge in lumber prices and modest increases in sawlog costs ha ve resulted in record profits for many lumber companies in North America and Europe in 2018 , reports the Wood Resource Quarterly
Sawlog costs, the largest cost component when manufacturing ...
22 Aug 2018
United Kingdom UK - Interest Rate up - Bank Governor Speaks and £ falls - Brexit Uncertainty Worsens
In what, on the surface at least, looked like a relatively p ...
03 Aug 2018
July 2018 Headlines

China China - US - Chinese-manufactured woodworking machinery first to be hit by Trump Tariffs
Tariffs of 25 percent were levied on Chinese-manufactured wo ...

16 Jul 2018
Philippines Philippines - A Vision for sustainable Tree farming
The Sustainable Tree Farmers Group of the Philippines Inc ha ...
11 Jul 2018
Following discussions between the two leading trade associat ...
04 Jul 2018
June 2018 Headlines

United Kingdom UK - Austria - Forestry and wood processing ‘crucial to Borderlands Growth Deal’ says EGGER
The forestry and wood processing industry must be at the hea ...

01 Jun 2018
February 2018 Headlines

Michael Gove has seen more than 1.3 million trees growing at ...
06 Feb 2018
January 2018 Headlines

China China - TIMBERWeb and FMC 2018 achieve 10 years of working together
TIMBERWeb and FMC 2018 today signed a contract for TIMBERWeb ...
09 Jan 2018

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