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TIMBERWeb® - The Best Known Web site for TIMBER & Lumber on the Internet

For more than 25 years TIMBERWeb® has been the leading Global Timber and Lumber Marketplace on the Internet. It provides an unrivalled Networking Environment for Sellers to find new Buyers and Buyers to find new Suppliers by offering different levels of membership according to the level of access and presence on the site that is required. Unsurprisingly it survived the dotcom downturn at the turn of the millennium and has grown since to a membership of over 50,000 from nearly 200 countries.

Over the years it has won many prestigious awards from organizations such as the Financial Times Best Business Web Site – Site to Watch Award, eBusiness Excellence Award from Barclays, Sunday Telegraph, Computer Weekly, the East Anglian Development Agency (EEDA), and was selected as a Vision 100 Company by British Telecom in conjunction with Cranfield University and Management Today. TIMBERWeb was also the recipient of the Burns Supply Chain Management Award announced at the annual CBI conference.

TIMBERWeb® has been featured on CNBC Television Power Lunch and was a Case Study for the Prestigious Ambrosetti Club in Milan. The TIMBERWeb eTrading platform was launched by Patricia Hewitt in Sweden and has been featured in literally dozens of case studies across the Internet. TIMBERWeb® was identified in global equity research as ‘the leading eMarket for timber’ by UBS.

It doesn’t just reside on the Internet but has been demonstrated at Exhibitions throughout the world including the US, China, Scandinavia, Germany, Dubai, Italy, Ireland and of course UK.

Who uses TIMBERWeb® ?

Members of TIMBERWeb® tend to be Buyers and Sellers of timber and lumber from the very small one-man business to the very large international groups, although membership is also offered to Logistics and Machinery companies, Associations and Federations, as well as Companies seeking to provide services to TIMBERWeb® Members. These latter memberships include banner advertising with the cost.

What we do for what we charge

1) We host with a world class hosting partner and maintain a complex award winning web site 24/7 to enable members to find new markets, new buyers and sellers.
2) We continue to develop the software and functionality of the pages to make the site easier to use and more successful for members. Examples of recent new developments – Contact Matching when you update your profile, Bulk sending of offers direct to Members instead of posting only to the Marketplace – Auto-login – TWmail - TWmailshots
3) We market and publicise the marketplace to get more members because more members means more options for existing members and eventually lower costs.
4) We give support to members, both technically on how to use the site and its tools but also if they need trading help or advice on how to source or sell a particular product.
5) We differentiate the more trustworthy online businesses as well as those with environmental policies and sustainable practices.
6) By our very existence we are promoting the industry with our large directories of businesses.
7) We provide a focal point for access to vital industry services, news, events and technical information.
8) We continue to invest to maintain our position as the First and the Best Global eMarket for Timber and Lumber

Focused on the Timber and Lumber industry.

TIMBERWeb® can be divided in to 3 broad activities:

  1. The Marketplace - This unique easy-to-use trading platform enables Buyers and Sellers to place stock and products for sale or post requirements as well as conclude deals privately. It doesn’t use fancy computer jargon but is based on traditional timber and lumber practices and terminology. Used in conjunction with TWmail and the CRM it is an incredibly powerful tool to assist in making business
  2. The Directories - The Members and Global Timber & Lumber Directory comprises over 200,000 businesses. Every timber & lumber business that registers on the site is vetted by one of our staff and as far as possible for bona fide timber and lumber activity. Register or Join as a member to make sure your business can be found.
  3. News & Events - Jobs & Information
  1. The Privacy Statement - We have reviewed our privacy statement in the light of EU GDPR regulations and respect your data. The nature of our business is connecting buyers and sellers in a B2B environment which necessitates making your business and contact data available to visitors to and members of TIMBERWeb. If you register with TIMBERWeb your details will be published on our website in our directories and linked to any offers or requests on the marketplace.

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For full details of the different membership types available register online or email sales@timberweb.com OR SIMPLY TAKE OUR FREE REGISTERED MEMBERSHIP.

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