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Contact Information :  Orujov Iltimas
Job Preferences : 
Job Category:Any
Already Employed:No
Willing to relocate?:Yes
Education/Experience :  Master degree in economics
Resumé / CV :  Successful Manager of Many of Marketing Campaigns AREAS OF EXPERTISE . Management .Security .Culture .Medical .Management .Agricultural .Trading .Sport .Education .Construction .Oil and Gas .Logistic WORK EXPERIENCE  Managing Director. Guangzhou Asta Secuirity Consulting company.2002-2004 years  Director .Guangzhou Aznep Business Consulting company.2004-2008 years  Manager. Qingdao Fruit Logistic Company.2008-2009 years  Manager in Mainland. International Cultural ,Education, Sport Health and Business Exchange program:  Dialogue of Culture United World Foundation, China Confucius Foundation,  China Laozi Assosiation, China Henan Shaolin temple. 2009-2011 years  Managing Director: Guangzhou Arabachi Business Consulting office.2011-2012 years  Managing director Azerbaijan:China Gansu International Corporation For Economic And Technical Cooperation 2017-2018 years Responsibilities:  Discussing events with clients to determine their needs and visions  Visiting possible locations for an event  Meeting with suppliers, such as manufacture, designers and lawyers  Going over details with on-site staff  Troubleshooting any problems that arise before and during an event  Reviewing vendors' bills and approving them for payment  Visiting job sites, which sometimes involves traveling a significant distance  Reading blueprints and other technical documents  Working with architects, engineers, contractors and others who are involved with a project  Using software to estimate costs  Seeking the expertise of industry experts  Communicate by email, phone and fax with foreign and local companies  Work with sales, public relations and product development to ensure the success of each marketing program  Formulating policies or developing and overseeing specific projects KEY ACHIEVEMENTS  Organize security system for partners and customers business  Communicate to government, non profit organizations, founds, universities .  Translate and convert information-written and spoken-from one language to another(Azeri, Chinese-Madarin, Russian, English, Turkish)  Organize of bridge for communication and dialogue between government and non government offices  Work with lawyers and tax offices  Organize contracts to sign ,register and represent brands  Participate fairs-commodity, sports, culture, service, medical, travel  Work extremely long hours and are essentially responsible for the success of company  Work in a variety of public and private-sector industries (for 10 years attended meetings ,visiting and participate negotiations with around 5000 industries and organizations)  Work on projects to develop new products services and designs  Develop new products or improve manufacturing processes  Developing public relations programs and media releases, and developing and planning fundraising events and strategies.  Plan, coordinate and oversee technology-related activities within an organization EDUCATION  Azerbaijan .Ganja state Agricultural University American Interchange program/1995-1997  Economics and Management international business  China,Beijing Language and Cultural University /1997-1998  Chinese language and cultural studies  China,Guangzhou ,South China Agricultural University Bachelor degree/1998-2002  International business and management  China,Guangzhou,South China Agricultural University Master Degree /2002-2005  Buisiness and oil relationship between Azerbaijan and China  China ,Guangzhou ,South China Agricultural University PHD/2009-still going  International Busineess resources management.
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