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UK - NMITE launches two short courses in Timber Technology Engineering Design
NMITE launches two short courses in Timber Technology Engineering Design To upskill and reskill UK built environment professionals

NMITE (New Model Institute for Technology & Engineering) which, since opening in September 2021, now offers both a BEng and MEng in Integrated Engineering, is launching two new short CPD courses. Delivered in partnership with Timber Development UK and Edinburgh Napier University, the first course will start on 26 September 2022. Timber Technology Engineering Design 1 (TED 1) is a 12-week blended course composed of online distance learning and three on-campus challenge sprints of one week each. The Timber Technology Engineering Design 2 (TED 2) 12-week course will begin in January 2023, for those who have completed TED 1.

Both courses aim to build a community of knowledge in timber as a building material, contribute to the UK’s understNMITE launches two short courses in Timber Technology Engineering Design with an understanding of the principles of timber design construction and engineering methods within the context of the built environment. NMITE says, as well as in the UK it expects the courses to attract attention internationally in regions where timber construction is prevalent.

Associate Professor Aghlab Al-Attili, academic lead says “We have developed the courses to appeal to a wide range of Built Environment Professionals, working full or part-time in architecture firms and construction companies including designers, architectural assistants or those involved in technical sales. There is currently no CPD course that directly addresses timber in construction on this scale of detail with the same degree of academic rigour and associated learning techniques which address the market need.” In time for September, NMITE’s new Centre for Advanced Timber Technology (CATT) building will be handed over in the summer. Robert Hairstans who was appointed as CATT’s Founding Director in March 2021 to lead the development and delivery of the building and to help establish it as the leading national location in timber education said “We are delighted to see how fast things have moved in the last year. These two new courses will reach new audiences, outside our Integrated Engineering BEng and MEng students, attracting attendees from the UK and internationally. It shows both the speed at which NMITE can move, the role it can play in delivering both degree programmes and short courses, and therefore the impact we will have in timber education”.


Jul 2022


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